autoHeighttruetrue/falseAutomatically sets the height to the largest panel.The slider must have a set height. If you turn this off, you must set your own.
dynamicHeightfalsetrue/falseRecalculates height based on current panelOnly works if autoHeight is true.
page1IntegerThe panel to start on.
duration1000IntegerDuration of transition animation.
easing"ease"ease, linear, ease-in, ease-out, ease-in-out, easeInQuad, easeInCubic, easeInQuart, easeInQuint, easeInSine, easeInExpo, easeInCirc, easeInBack, easeOutQuad, easeOutCubic, easeOutQuart, easeOutQuint, easeOutSine, easeOutExpo, easeOutCirc, easeOutBack, easeInOutQuad, easeInOutCubic, easeInOutQuart, easeInOutQuint, easeInOutSine, easeInOutExpo, easeInOutCirc, easeInOutBackEasing of transition animation.
controlsfalsetrue/falseCreates prev/next controls.You can create your own controls even if you turn this off.
controlsText['<a class="prev control" href="#">Prev</a>','<a class="next control" href="#">Next</a>']arrayHTML element output for controls
pagerfalsetrue/falseCreates pagination.You can create your own pager even if you turn this off. The slider must have a unique id for this to work.
pagerWrap".pager-wrap"SelectorThe element to append the pager to.Only used if pager is on. This must be already on the page when the slider is initiated.
pageInfofalsetrue/falseDisplay "(current slide) of (total slides)"
infoWrap".info-wrap"SelectorThe element to append the page info to.Only used if pageInfo is on.
onDemandfalsetrue/falseLoads images as slides are viewed.Images must be inside a panel container.
placeholder"/images/blank.gif"locationThe placeholder image for images not loaded.Only used if onDemand is on. Not required, but some browsers display an ugly broken icon if it can't find an image.
autofalsetrue/falsePanels play automatically.
timer5000IntegerTimer between slides for auto play.
looptruetrue/falseLoops to beginning and end when controls are hit.
loopTranstruetrue/falseUse the forward animation when looping back to beginning.
transitionfadenone, fade, slide, slideVert, blindTransition effects between slides.
pauseOnHittruetrue/falsePause autoplay when someone uses controls or pager
randomPlayfalsetrue/falseSlides are random on auto play
touchfalsetrue/falseUse touch controls for phones and tablets
touchoffset50IntegerAmount of pixels to touch drag before moving to new slide
dragControlsfalsetrue/falseUse mouse click-and-drag left / right controls
dragoffset50IntegerAmount of pixels to mouse drag before moving to new slide
carouselfalseInteger/falseNumber of slides to show simultaneouslyBlind and vertical slide transitions currently do not work.
carouselMove1IntegerNumber of slides to move for next / previous functions
callbackStartnullFunctionFunction to call when slider initializes
callbackBeforenullFunctionFunction to call before every slideReturn false to abort the slide transition. Type checking is active so make sure false is a boolean.
callbackAfternullFunctionFunction to call after every slideDue to various technical limitations, such as no real callback for CSS3 transitions and how this plugin switches slides, there is no real "complete" callback functionality. This uses setTimeout along with the duration option to fire.
callbackUpdatenullFunctionFunction to call whenever the update method is called